Bringing harmony to living spaces


A Feng Shui consultation is all about understanding and appreciating how the space you live in and its surrounding environment can impact on your life and those of your family. It's about creating a better flow of that energy. What difference does this make?

In a home, it feels more welcoming, as well as improving relationships, health and wealth. 

In a work space, it can improve creativity, employee relations and the bottom line.

For a retail space, it can increase footfall and sales.

Chinese Horoscope Reading

A BaZi / Chinese Horoscope reading gives you an insight into deeper aspects of your character, gives you a clear idea of which work areas suit you and enables you to plan ahead to take advantage of good opportunities and to lessen the impact of the 'bad' days or more challenging fate cycles.

Using authentic Feng Shui I look at your living space and the immediate environment around it with a different set of eyes. The energy of a house or property can become blocked in a particular area and how this impacts on the occupants will vary. It could relate to a specific member of the family. It could also relate to a particular part of the body. Changes that you make within your home, work space or broader environment impact on all aspects of life, such as health, wealth, relationships, career, etc.


Feng Shui remedies and placements target these blocks to allow the energy in your home and life to flow more freely again.


Nikki is an accredited Master in Chinese Horoscopes (BaZi), Auspicious Date Selection and Yuen Hom Hexagrams with The Chue Foundation.


She is a consultant in classical Chue Style Feng Shui, Property Consulation, Chinese Horoscopes / BaZi, Auspicious Date Selection, I-Ching Readings, as well as an Accredited, Advanced and Specialist Teacher with the Chue Foundation.

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