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I qualified as a Feng Shui consultant back in 2002 with the Chue Foundation.  I have studied authentic imperial Feng Shui, Chinese horoscopes, Date Selection and the I Ching extensively with Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, one of the few Chinese Masters teaching authentic material outside of China. 


Subsequently I have qualified within the Chue Foundation as a Master in Chinese Horoscopes (BaZi), Date Selection, Yuen Hom style Feng Shui and the I Ching.


I am an accredited teacher of Feng Shui and an advanced teacher in Yuen Hom Hexagrams Part 1 & Part 2, The 9th Fate course, a specialist teacher of Date Selection, The 6 Kinship Hexagram I Ching Part 1, BaZi 1 (Chinese Horoscopes), Year Prediction, Personal Fate and Chue Style Qi Gong 1 with the Chue Foundation.


Mob: + 44 (0) 7941 514 739



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