A BaZi Reading can help you to reappraise your life


A Chinese Horoscope, or BaZi (meaning Eight Characters) works with your birth data to create a picture of your life.  It can highlight opportunities for you to grasp and hurdles for you to leap over or avoid.


The chart enables me to look at the cyclical influences in your life from various standpoints such as family, health, relationships, wealth, career, education, business. 


The chart itself is made up of 8 characters based on the year, month, day and hour of your birth.  As the chart is drawn up, there are many layers that are added to this, but this is the core data. This information is read in relationship to the Chinese 5-element theory and draws on the cyclical energy of the seasons in Nature.


This information can be used by an individual to improve their situation, to appreciate their strengths and weaknesses and to enable them to plan and work with the cycles of luck that are coming their way to their best advantage.


A Chinese chart works with the flow of the seasons and the rise and fall of chi throughout different cycles.  In effect, the chart tells your story. 


A BaZi reading is particuarly useful when you you are faced with key decisions and are looking for some additional advice to help you with these decisions.  It can also be useful if any aspect of your life feels out of balance.


The information required is:

  1. your time and date of birth

  2. your place of birth

  3. any additional information you might know about the time and location of your birth (i.e. were you born near the sea, near woods, mountains, city centre etc and also the weather conditions at your time of birth (extreme hot or cold for the time of year - raining / snowing / windy day etc)
  4. any specific questions you have ahead of the consultation or key issues you want to focus on


Booking a BaZi Consultation


Simply give me a call with your date and time of birth or send your details through via email.  


If you would like to know more information about the process of a BaZi consultation, feel free to call for an initial chat.


Consultations are either in person at a location that suits both yourself and Nikki, or are carried out via telephone / skype or Zoom.

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