Fine tuning the energy of living spaces


When beneficial chi enters a property and moves freely and smoothly around it, its occupants will thrive.  However, when the energy is blocked in some way, problems can arise.  The location of this blockage will determine either, who it will affect within the household, or how it will affect them, i.e. which aspect of their life.



In Asia and mainland China businesses depend on Feng Shui to ensure that they have a strong foundation within their location, to harmonise relationships between colleagues, to improve their financial status, to boost sales and to select good dates to launch new products, to rebrand or to reposition themselves in the marketplace.

Businesses in the West are fast beginning to realise that Feng Shui within the business environment can bring remarkable results and give you an edge over your competitors.


Retail space really needs to work for you to enable you to run a successful retail business and make a good profit. Small changes can make a big difference. With retail environments it is key to look at the branding and how the colours relate to the type of business you are operating.  Do they support the energy of your business or drain it?  Also the location of the till, doors and the interior layout can transform a struggling business into a successful one.


Feng Shui for a property, whether a home, a business or a public space is all about working with the energy of the environment to create a better flow. What difference does this make?


It's the difference between feeling truly comfortable in a space and between it working effectively for you. This can mean feeling better physically, relationships being smoother, finances being met and a good working relationship with business partners and colleagues.


Feng Shui, literally means 'wind and water'. Essentially, it describes the energies that surround us at all times and establishes that there are interactions between man, his environment and his destiny. Once we accept that the environment we choose to live or work in affects our health, our wellbeing, our relationships etc. we start to take a renewed interest in our immediate surroundings.


It is also important to be aware of the quality of the chi that is being brought into a property, which is why a good part of the consultation focuses on the exterior. This is to ensure that the right energy is being brought to the front door, energy that will support the occupants.


During the consultation I use a Lo-pan, a Chinese compass, to accurately measure the direction of the energy. The Lo-Pan contains within it the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching and I work with fine measurements within the compass to pinpoint locations to activate different beneficial energy or to deflect bad energies. I also work with various Feng Shui calculations from the Ba Chop and the Yuen Hom Flying stars to the double mountain upwards Water placement method and also working closely with the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching and the Kwa.



It is essential to have a floor plan of the property, preferably A4 size. I also require dates of birth details for all family members or key employees. This enables me to draw up basic Chinese Horoscope charts prior to the consultation and to personalise the consultation to the occupants of the house or see how the employees interact within the space. It is also recommended that you have a clear focus of what you personally want to gain from the consultation. Which aspects of your life do you want to focus on?


What to expect:

A consultation takes an average of between 2-5 hours on site on the day. The on-site time I spend assessing the chi, taking compass measurements, creating calculations and ascertaining the key areas to be remedied. I do a walk around with initial feedback on the day and then draw up a report, which details the recommended changes and cures for the property, as well as the precise times to undertake the more significant changes. This uses date selection to harness auspicious timings for you personally to activate the new energy. The report covers additional detail relating to further calculations and analysis carried out after the consultation.


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