Tapping into 'Right Timing'

Date selection works with the energies that change throughout the year, months, days, hours to pinpoint a very precise timing for individuals to undertake certain activities.  


At some point in our lives we have all experienced days where everything just falls into place and goes right and also those days when everything goes wrong and you wish you hadn’t got up!  


With Feng Shui we are looking at the energy of right timing to enable you to maximise your chances of success for a particular activity, so you don’t need to trust to luck.  You can tap into the best quality energy available to you at a given time.


Dates can be selected for almost anything, but most people tend to be looking for good dates to:


Sell a house

Get Married

Launch a new business or product / service

Go on a date

Move into a new home / business premises

Commence building work

Send off a planning application

Job interview

Send off a school or university application


Requirements: I need to know the time and date of birth of the person, the activity they are looking for a date for and a broader timing of roughly when in the year they would like to undertake that activity.  For a house sale or to move into a new home/business premises, I will also need to take an energetic measurement of the house.


Nikki is also a specialist teacher and Master of Date Selection with the Chue Foundation.

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