The Earth Dog is a solid, dependable character.

2018  ... enter the Earth Dog
Annual Forecast


The Year of the Earth Dog starts on 16th February with the Chinese New Year, although the influence of the year has been coming in since the Winter Solstice.


First of all, let's take a look at what the elements of the year represent.  On a very basic level, the earth energy of the heavens is the same as the earth energy below.  This makes for thick earth. The elements are yang, which makes this earth rigid. The Dog is also the fire tomb, so can indicate fire beneath the earth and brings with it the potential for natural disasters.

The Flying Star

This is the flying star chart for 2018.  The red numbers are the original Luo Shu numbers, the green numbers are the 9th Fate and the blue numbers show the flying star for the year. 



In the centre the 9 flies in for 2018. This creates a good strong energy at the centre. This means that the centre of your home is good this year and also the centre of your country or local city or town.



The 5 flies into the North, bringing with it sick energy. This produces 'muddy' water and also dirtied outcomes. Expect some 'firty' play from Northern countries this year. If your front door is in the North, you can use the 6 metal star to drain the sick energy and support the Water of the North direction.



3 flies into the NE.  This is warning you to watch out for the NE country. There is the potential for a lack of honesty here. If doing business with the NE double check everything to ensure you are not cheated.



The 7 flies into the East position.  This position is showing the potential for collaborations between the East and the West. The negotiations centre around power and money and can move ahead quite rapidly.



8 flies into the SE. This position has some good money, but it is slow. This means that you will need to allow time for things to mature, as the energy has to move at it's own pace.



The 4 flies into the South position. This makes the South a difficult direction in 2018. This is strong fire. There is the potential for wildfires, explosions or even an aircraft incident. 



6 flies into the SW. This brings womens issues to the fore in 2018. It also places women in a strong position of leadership - meaning they will be heard.



The 2 flies into the West. This shows the potential for violence in the West. So, take care attending events, sports or other activities in the West part of the town or country. In addition, it shows sickness for older women, making it advisable for older women to avoid sleeping in the West this year.



1 flies into the NW. This creates money energy, making this a good direction to work with for money in 2018. It also shows an overload of water and hence potential flooding in the NW.


I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish you good health, happiness, prosperity and lots of good luck for 2018!
May the Earth Dog bring
you what you are hoping for in 2018.

What does 2019 hold in store for us ...

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