December is the month of the Earth Rat

The Rat enjoys burning the midnight oil

The month of December, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar commenced on 7th December at 18:53

The Rat is intelligent and loves coming up with bright ideas, but really needs other around them to follow through and bring them to fruition. The Rat stands at the 23:00 - 01:00 hour timeframe in the Chinese Zodiac, so he comes into his element at night time. So it's little surprise that December is a month of festivities and parties and late nikghts.  It's following the natural chi of the month!  Go with the flow as they say!

So what does the month of December have in store for us? The Rat is known for his quick-thinking, sensitive character and nocturnal liveliness. The Rat is also creative and innovative, so it's a good month for initiating new projects. The Earth Rat, in particular, is a good mediator or negotiator, as they can see and appreciate both sides' point of view. The Rat is trying to bring people together and resolve issues.

On a wider scae, the chart shows the strong possibility of a major landslide in the NW.  This could be the NW country, i.e. possibly the US or within the NW of any country.  The position of the people is active and challenging towards governments.  We could, therefore, see a certain amount of dissent and demonstrations this month. The government is taking aggressive action, while the leader is not being transparent about how they are spending the country's money.

On a weather front, there's a strong chance of snow coming out way!

Feng Shui Enhancers for December

In December the good career energy is in the East. To enhance this energy you can either make use of this direction (sit here to work or make phone calls) and / or place 3 bamboos here for the month (3 living bamboos in a vase). It is also a good direction for study.

Money energy is again present in the North.  To activate this energy place soemthing round, metallic and active here - such as a round metal clock that makes a sound.

Making use of these directions by physically spending time in these areas of your home, office or workshops will also help to activate these enegies for you this month.



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